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Writer Resources: Podcast Recs

For some reason, I’ve been under the impression that everybody knows about the podcasts I know about. I keep finding, however, that that isn’t the case. So here’s a list of my favorite podcasts, all of them centered around fiction and/or the publishing industry.

Indie Publishing

The Creative Penn Podcast
Joanna Penn is single-handedly responsible for me being an indie author at all. I’d never listened to a podcast in my life when I came upon her interviews on YouTube. She publishes a new episode every Monday and interviews a variety of folks in the publishing space, including cover designers, lawyers, other authors, etc. It really runs the gamut on whatever she’s interested in learning about at the time, and we get to learn along with her. Each episode, she also shares publishing news.

Rocking Self Publishing
Each Thursday, Simon Whistler interviews a successful self-published author and gets them to reveal all their tricks. His questions are insightful, detailed, and useful for anybody involved in or looking to become involved in the indie publishing space. The interviews can also be inspiring as hell. Many of the authors he’s interviewed have started from uncertain, stressful places. As a plus, his voice is quite pleasant to listen to (he does some audiobook narration as well).

Sell More Books Show
Updated every Wednesday, the Sell More Books Show with Bryan Cohen and Jim Kukral brings you top publishing news items and book marketing tips. Sometimes Bryan and Jim will have a “lab segment” where they bring on someone who’s had recent success in the industry. I learn a lot every time I listen, and I often find myself laughing out loud because Jim especially is hilarious.

Dead Robots Society
DRS has been going forever, and they’ve changed hosts and format several times, but essentially, it’s a show about indie authors talking about being indie authors. It usually has a science fiction/fantasy/speculative slant. Currently, Paul E. Cooley and Terry Mixon host. I’ve always loved the banter on the show (especially when Justin Macumber was involved), and I still listen pretty much every time they update, which is frequently.

The Self Publishing Podcast
To be completely honest, SPP is hit or miss for me. I’m not a huge fan of the considerable banter at the beginning of every show, so I don’t listen very often. But Johnny, Sean, and Dave are fixtures and trailblazers in the indie publishing space. I prefer the interview episodes, but maybe you’ll like listening to just the three of them more than I do.

The Author Biz
This has a similar set-up to the Rocking Self Publishing podcast and is just as rich with information. Stephen Campbell interviews authors and other publishing professionals about marketing strategies, the author lifestyle, and more. He’s also recently started putting the interviews on YouTube as well.


Story Grid Podcast
Tim Grahl is popular in the indie publishing space as a marketer, but now he wants to write fiction. Somehow he’s convinced Shawn Coyne, veteran editor and author of the Story Grid book, to have a super long phone call with him every week where he mentors him and answers all his questions. I just started listening to this, and I’m going through every single backlist episode. I don’t agree with everything Shawn Coyne has to say, but the dynamic he has with Tim is great. Their discussions are detailed, entertaining, and thought-provoking. I…kind of ship them? Anyway.

Genre-Specific Fiction

The below podcasts feature interviews and discussions about specific genres. They all have a fiction focus, but The Horror Writers Podcast especially has started discussing a lot of movies and T.V. lately. Unless they are featuring an author, I don’t listen, but definitely check out the backlist episodes.

The Hopeless Romantic (Queer/LGBT)

The Horror Writers Podcast (Horror)

Smart Podcast Trashy Books (Romance)

The Grim Tidings Podcast (Grimdark)

My favorite podcast app is Pocket Casts, and all these are available there. However, Pocket Casts does have a one-time fee. Pretty much all of these podcasts will also be available on Stitcher and iTunes.

Happy listening!

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