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Writer Resources: Podcast Recs

September 14, 2016
Writer Resources
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For some reason, I’ve been under the impression that everybody knows about the podcasts I know about. I keep finding, however, that that isn’t the case. So here’s a list of my favorite podcasts, all of them centered around fiction and/or the publishing industry.

Indie Publishing

The Creative Penn Podcast
Joanna Penn is single-handedly responsible for me being an indie author at all. I’d never listened to a podcast in my life when I came upon her interviews on YouTube.

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COVER REVEAL: Breaking Hell’s Rules

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve got a genderqueer demon romance in the works. It will be available for pre-order very soon with a release date slotted for October 10, 2016. Scroll down to see the cover!

About Breaking Hell’s Rules

When succubus Reth finally meets their soul quota and gains freedom from Hell, they decide to take up residence in New Orleans. Immediately they discard the body they’ve been wearing since 1952 and slip into something a little more virile,

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