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Review: WOLF AMONG SHEEP by Sara Dobie Bauer

About the Book

Pledged CoverGenre: M/M/F Erotic Suspense

“What exactly do you deduce we proposed?”
“That I enter into a sexual relationship with a married couple.”

Avery Collins is an ambitious young journalist in early-1900s Charleston, South Carolina, when exotic newcomers Timothy and Vonnie Duke spot him at a fancy gala on the Battery. The Dukes like bringing pretty playthings to their marriage bed, and with a promotion in mind,

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EXCERPT: Escorting the Escort

Eden plopped into the passenger’s seat. “I don’t want to go to the next appointment.”

Greer looked up from his phone, where he’d been keying in their next address. “Um… Can you do that?”

“Yes. It’s not like I do it all the time. The agency will forgive me.”

Greer squinted, looking Eden over to see if maybe something bad had happened to set him off. But he looked okay.

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Reviews are Coming in for HOW TO LOVE A MONSTER

How to Love a Monster is out now on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. The ebook version is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited with a limited-time release price of $0.99.

Reviews are coming in, and they’re looking pretty good!

How to Love a Monster is a The Romance Reviews Top Pick with a 5-star review from Gabrielle Sally. Here’s an excerpt:

I absolutely loved seeing Fiend through Seraphim’s eyes/thoughts.

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What makes romance and erotica “dark”?

In trying to solidify my author brand (it’s an ongoing process), I’ve often tried to wrap my mind around what dark romance and erotica actually are. It seems like a straightforward-enough answer–romance or erotica plus horror, right? But I often get stuck in this spiral of: Is my work dark? Is it dark enough to put the word “dark” in my ever-changing tagline? If I think it’s dark, does that mean readers do, and vice versa?

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Review: PLEDGED by T.M. Chris

About the Book

Pledged CoverGenre: M/M BDSM Erotica, Spanking Erotica

Pledging a fraternity is always a little nerve-wracking, but Blake’s racing pulse comes from more than a fear of rejection. He’s got one eye on Vadim, Delta Iota Kappa’s muscle-bound Chief Punishment Officer, and the other on that paddle. Pledging D.I.K. is going to be a whole lot more challenging, and exciting, than he ever anticipated.

Vadim’s been waiting three years for a little brother all his own,

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Dubcon is Unproblematic: Why the dubious consent trope is different than the normalization of rape in romance and erotica

Recently, I was on Twitter (as I am most of the time), where I noticed a conversation between readers about a book. In this conversation, screenshots of said book’s text were presented as reasons not to read it, and I agreed; in the screenshots, the characters were discussing lack of consent in a problematic way, suggesting that one character consented because he didn’t explicitly say no to sex.

As a longtime reader of dubcon,

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PRE-RELEASE SAMPLE: How to Love a Monster

CONTENT WARNINGS: The following excerpt depicts characters using a fictional drug and having sex under the influence. It also includes brief descriptions of involuntary medical procedures.

Read as EPUB or MOBI


“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.”

—Werner Herzog


I’m pretty sure they finally killed me,

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Review: FORBIDDEN BLOOD (IRONWROUGHT #1) by Anna Wineheart

About the Book

Forbidden Blood CoverGenre: M/M Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Since he killed a vampire eight months ago, Oriel has been on the run. The coven wants him dead, and the feds want his blood to eradicate the vampires. Exhausted, he sneaks into an obscure mansion, rummaging for food. What he doesn’t know: a vampire lives there.

Three centuries ago, a human lover betrayed Seb, selling him to the hunters for some quick gold.

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Review: ROGUE WOLF by Elliot Cooper

About the Book

Rogue Wolf CoverGenre: M/M Science Fiction Romance

Exiled from his home planet for loving an enemy, Vince turned to space piracy aboard the Cygnus. Disguised as a human thanks to his species’ shifting abilities, Vince feels secure. But he’s not safe from memories of his murdered lifemate—or from a growing attraction to Trent Rolston, the ship’s captain, he feels honor bound to ignore.

Trent, though, is determined to prove to Vince there’s nothing wrong with becoming more than friends.

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COVER AND BLURB REVEAL: How to Love a Monster

Today I’m excited to share the cover and blurb of my next project: How to Love a Monster. The concept for this book (which will be my first full-length) has been haunting my subconscious for quite some time, and I’ve finally gotten up the courage to write it. It’s a little bit on the weird side—it’s speculative fiction, after all—but I hope those looking for something different will be interested in reading it.

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